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Biosecurity in family flocks - I.Aini - (S2.03.01)
Approaches to family poultry development - E.F. Gueye - (S2.03.03)
Family poultry and food security: research requirements in science, technology and socioeconomics - E.B. Sonaiya - (S2.03.04)
Breeding and production of Nagoya breed - K.Kino - (S3.7.01)
The production of quality yellow chicken in China - Z. Heshan, O. Xizhao and C. Ziwu, - (S3.7.02)
Breeding a broiler for the Indian market - G.L. Jain - (S3.7.03)
Communicating with farmers- A vital element in the control of Newcastle Disease in village chickens - R.G. Alders and B.Bagnol - (P13.01)
Petaluma and the poultry industry as sentinel flocks for changes in rural America - F.A. Bradley and T.S. Lowry - (P13.02)
Backyard poultry farming in Nicaragua: relevance of extension messages in rural poultry programs - H.deVries - (P13.03)
Growth in improved breed of fowl in India: An analysis of regional variation. - N. Khandekar - (P13.06)

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