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The contribution of poultry to rural development. * - S. Mack, D. Hoffman and J. Otte
Research and development of rural poultry production in developing countries - F. Dolberg
Assessment of nutrient resources in free-range and scavenging systems - E.B. Sonaiya
Appropriate vaccination and therapies for rural poultry flocks in developing countries and their relevance to developed countries * - P. Spradbrow
Biodiversity (variation) in disease resistance and in pathogens within rural chicken populations - U.M. Minga, P.L. Msoffe and P.S Gwakisa
Methodologies to identify, evaluate and conserve poultry genetic resources - S. Weigend, M.N. Romanov and D. Rath
Economic aspects of conservation and utilisation of genetic resources in developing countries: Implications for avian species - A.G. Drucker
Breeding for the special needs of developing countries in collaboration with international companies - G.L. Jain
Research and investment – Challenges and options for sustainable use of poultry genetic resources - I. Hoffman, F. Siewerdt and D. Manzella
Optimising appropriate technology transfer to small producers - J.C. Riise, A. Permin, C.E.S. Larsen and A. Idi

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