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Dr. E. Fallou Guèye is Animal Production Officer in the Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) of FAO, Rome, Italy. He holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences (Animal Production) from the Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany. Dr Guèye has been working on poultry and livestock management systems since more than twenty years. From November 1998 to November 1999, Dr Guèye was assigned to the Livestock Production Systems Group at FAO in Rome, Italy, in order to co-ordinate the various joint the International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD)/FAO poultry development activities. Between July 1997 and April 2007, he was Research scientist (‘Maître de Recherche’) at the National Laboratory for Livestock and Veterinary Research (LNERV) of the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research (ISRA). He acted as Coordinator of the ISRA Animal Production Programme, from November 2004 to April 2007. Between April 2007 and December 2011, he was appointed as Regional Safe Animal Production and Biodiversity Expert at the FAO’s Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease (ECTAD) Regional Unit for Western and Central Africa, Regional Animal Health Centre for Western and Central Africa based in Bamako, Mali. He was initiating, coordinating and follwing up various activities in safe animal production, biosecurity and animal genetic diversity for other major animal diseases. Since August 2012, he is the current Coordinator of INFPD and Chairman of its Executive Committee. He is also a resource-person for various scientific institutions and bodies devoted to agricultural development. He is the author of numerous scientific articles, chapters in books and papers in workshop and congress proceedings.

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